Nils Arne Johnsen has worked with a broad range of projects during his employment in Ramboll, 2010-2017 (R). Projects for Haleyg since January 2018 (H):



City Center Retail: Monitoring and Urban Development Opportunities, City of Bodø: Stakeholder Management. (R) 2016 – 2017


Arctic Capital Tromsø, County of Troms: Opportunities of Tromsø’s Business Community. Project Management. (R). 2017

Stakeholder Management in several Urban Planning Projects: Transport, Housing and Central Business District Development. (R, H) 2009 – 2018


Varanger Development Region, Municipality of Vadsø: Stakeholder Engagement and Assessments on Transport, Joint Labour Market and Business Development Opportunities in the easternmost inter-municipal development region of Arctic Norway. (R) 2014

Procurment Services, Municipality of Vadsø: Feasibility Study New Vadsø Airport. (H) 2018


Jakobsnes Offshore Supply Base, Jakobsnes Utvikling AS: Stakeholder Management and Assessments, feasibility and zoning phase. (R, H) 2016 – 2018



International Center for Arctic Indigenous Peoples, City of Tromsø and Norwegian Sami Parliament: Feasibility Study. Stakeholder Mangement, Assessments and Organisational Design. (R) 2017

Arctic Regulatory Compliance Tool, ARCT AS. Chair of Advisory Board. Business Development and Stakeholder Management. (R, H) 2015 – 2018

Arctic Scandinavia

Western Arctic Railway, Torne Valley Council: Stakeholder Management and Market Assessments for possible railway connection between Finland and Norway. (R) 2011

Arctic Development Region, Torne Valley Council. Partners in Tromsø, Norway, Luleå, Sweden and Oulu, Finland. Project Manager and Stakeholder Engagement. (R) 2012 -2013

West Nordic Region

Stakeholder Engagement Sessions in Nuuk, Greeland and Reykjavik, Iceland on international regional development. (R) 2015 – 2018

North Atlantic

High North Atlantic Shipping Study and Stakeholder Engagement Project, Maine Port Authority, USA, and County of Troms, Norway.  Stakeholder Engagement sessions in Tromsø, Reykjavik and Portland, Maine. Project Developer and Manager. (R) 2016 – 2017

Tromsø Trade Delegation to Portland, Maine. Project Developer and Manager. (R) 2017

High North Atlantic Business Alliance. Partners in Norway, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Greeland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Maine. Project Developer and Manager (R, H) 2017 – 2018

North Atlantic Partnerships, University of Southern Maine. Stakeholder Management. (R, H) 2017 – 2018

Maine Trade Delegation to Tromsø, Norway. Project Manager for the hosting committee in Tromsø. (H). 2018