Launch of Haleyg

January 2018 is the launch month of the new company Haleyg AS.

The company’s strategy is to supply services in Stakeholder Management and Project Management in Tromsø and Arctic Norway, Arctic Scandinavia and the High North Atlantic.

As a start-up company, Haleyg has only one employee, but the ambition is to grow stronger and bigger, to be able to manage both local projects in Tromsø and other Arctic communities, and complex international and pan-Arctic projects.

Haleyg’s market will be in urban planning, transport planning, regional development and international relations in the North, both for private and public sector clients.

The most important on-going project is the establishment of the High North Atlantic Business Alliance. With a grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers, the project has established a partnership between businesses in seven port cities of the High North Atlantic: Tromsø, Reykjavik, Nuuk, Torshavn, Argentia/St.John’s, Halifax and Portland. The first board meeting will be in Torhavn in May.

The project team in addition to Haleyg consist of independent consultants in Iceland, Denmark, Greenland, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Maine. This is a good addition to Haleyg’s existing network of clients and partners in Arctic Scandinavia, rest of Europe, Canada, and Alaska.

The name Haleyg is connected to the name of the norse people who lived in Arctic Norway before Norway was united into one Kingdom: Håløyg. The descendants of this people still live in northern Norway. The name of the people here has changed to Northerners, one of several examples that the region’s modern identity is defined by people living in the south.

Haleyg’s value base is rooted in our belief that people in the north have the strongest expertise and best skills when it comes High North development, welcoming participation and partnerships with the global economy in our development efforts.

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